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In the height of covid, what once were public and in-person events quickly became online affairs that could be streamed and connected with thousands at once. Now that we are closing the door on covid, many businesses have found that live streams brought more growth and exposure to their business than in-person connections. Because of this, live streaming is here to stay for good. Here are 5 reasons to live stream:

Real-time engagement

Going live on a social media platform allows your audience to interact with you in real time. This can create a connection and trust between them and you, and promotes the ambience of the live event. 


Live streaming can create quick organic growth by giving your audience a direct line to you, your product, and your event. This creates an organic relationship between you and your audience and allows you to market directly to them. 


Going live allows certain events and interactions to happen in a unique setting.These interactions and events are likely to not happen twice, giving your audience an exclusive look into you and your business. This also creates a community of followers who have unique experiences they can connect through. 


Recording, editing, and posting a video can be easier than a live stream. However, by scripting and producing a video, your audience does not connect with you on a more intimate level. By going live, you can interact with them in real time, answer questions, and actively build the seller-consumer relationship. People crave human interaction more and more as we become more automated. Going live gives them this interaction in a fast and easy way. 


People are on their phones constantly in this day and age. You need it to clock in and out of work, communicate with loved ones who are long distance, and connect with others quickly and efficiently. This means by going live, you give them a direct line to you. Live streaming can be done from anywhere. Smartphones, tablets, computers. Professional grease equipment isn’t immediately necessary when you start. Going live can be adapted to what you have to work with, allowing anyone to livestream. 

If you would like to learn more about live streaming, or about a Tampa live streaming company, contact us today! We have the resources and information to help you get started.