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Colocation is a fantastic tool for businesses of all sizes! Small businesses gain the advantage of having a large IT department without worrying about things like capital investment. Medium or large businesses can grow their infrastructure without investing in expensive construction or facility leasing. 

Colocation also lets you store your equipment and resources in a cabinet that can be found in a secure data center. This also comes with a public IP address, bandwidth, and power supplied by that service provider directly to your server. 

Below are more benefits of colocation:

1.  Stronger Connectivity – Colocation data centers come with fully redundant network connections. This guarantees that the customer’s business can always run it’s critical applications with no interruptions. 

2. Better Network Security – Data centers have top-notch security for their network. This includes the newest firewalls/IDS systems that detect and prevent unauthorized access. 

3. Redundant Power Supply – Colocation data centers also offer their customers power redundancy by combining several power grids, diesel power generators, and double battery backup systems. 

4. Bursting Capability – Colocation data centers give their customers the flexibility to burst to a higher bandwidth in order to accommodate the traffic demand they receive without needing to make capital investments. And because data spikes are distributed across many users over a period of time, the costs of bandwidth are reduced significantly. 

5. Room to Grow – Colocation lets you expand your infrastructure. This allows you to fit the needs of the company’s growth without needing to invest in capital expenditures. When your company grows, the IT infrastructure can grow with it quickly to support you without as much investment. 

6. Move Towards Cloud Migration – If your company plans on cloud computing at some point in the future, colocation gives you a smoother transition by letting you transfer your equipment to an offsite facility with great capacity and performance. This supports the needs of your business while also ensuring a clean transition to cloud.