Hurricane Ian

Immediate Hurricane Ian Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Help

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AceHost, HQ in Tampa, Florida,  is here and willing to help any and all who are desperate to get their businesses back online in the affected regions of the storm.…
Ace Host Data Center

Hurricane Ian Tampa Data Center Preparedness

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As Hurricane Ian approaches, please rest assured we are currently working to ensure Ace Host Data Center is secure. The building will be on lockdown at 7:00 PM Tuesday, and…
What is Colocation?

What is Colocation?

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We know most miners attempt to maximize profit while keeping a good relationship with the community, so colocation is an option for people who want to grow profits and expand…
Difficulty and Hash Rate

Difficulty and Hash Rate Continue To Rise

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Even while the world’s digital currency market has been reeling since Federal Reserve Chair Powell commented on increasing interest rates even more to bring rising inflation under control, on-chain data…
Ethereum 2.0 Projected Release Date AceHost

Ethereum 2.0 Projected Release Date: When will Eth2 actually launch?

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An improvement to Ethereum is expected with upgrade to version 2.0, but when is the full release date? With Ethereum 2.0, which is also referred to as Serenity, ETH will…


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An encouraging sign for cryptocurrency networks amid the crypto price decline is that cryptocurrency mining difficulty has primarily remained as difficult as ever, a sign that cryptocurrency miners around the…
Pitch Night Crowd Photo. Ctsy of USF St. Petersburg

Data Center Ace Host Participates In Pitch Night

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Tampa data center Ace Host recently participated in a pitch night special event on the St. Petersburg USF campus. The event focused on businesses and financial technology (fintech) being startups…
Tampa Data Center Types - Ace Host

Tampa Data Center Types

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There are numerous different kinds of data centers based on several factors, including how they are owned, energy efficiency, and technologies used. Here are just some of the main types…
Tampa Shared Hosting

Tampa Shared Hosting

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Shared hosting has grown to become a popular option for those who are building their first website. However, this brings up the question of shared hosting, how it may benefit…
Tampa Bay Wave

Tampa Data Center Ace Host Now Wave’s Newest Supporter

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Russell Bruno of the Tampa data center Ace Host and the digital marketing agency Assorted Design is the newest member of the Friends of Wave program. The Tampa Bay Wave…
Tampa Miner Hosting Solutions – Ace Host

Tampa Miner Hosting Solutions

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In 2019, we launched our hardware in Hillsborough County, in Tampa, Florida, and in 2021 we expanded our operations to an additional location in the city. We specialize in hosting…
Tampa Crypto Miner Hosting

Tampa Crypto Miner Hosting

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Hosting your crypto mining gear with a Tampa data center specializing in crypto miner hosting makes sense. The data center manages all of the logistics involved in mining and it…
Crypto Miner Hosting

You Need Crypto Miner Hosting

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Crypto Miner Hosting If you made the plunge and have been crypto mining for a while and are now making a profit, you will agree that you likely do not…
cryptocurrency mining industry

Raptor Mining Inks New Contract With Tampa-Based Ace Host

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T Rex Acquisition, Corp. (OTC Pink Sheets: TRXA) announced that, through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Raptor Mining LLC ("Raptor Mining"), T REX has set a plan in motion that will help…

Why Upgrade To Fiber Internet?

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Why Upgrade To Fiber Internet? With school, work, and just about every facet of life now being online, fast and reliable internet has become a necessity rather than luxury. Fiber…

What is Colocation?

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Colocation is the practice of renting space for your servers and other computing hardware at a third-party provider's data facility. In fact, Ace Host, Tampa colocation data center, is where…

Tampa Data Center Featured in New Article

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Russel Bruno, CEO of the Tampa data center Ace Host, was recently featured in The ST. PETE CATALYST on November 24, 2021. Bruno was interviewed regarding the popularity of crypto…

What Does Bitcoin Miner Hosting Mean?

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Let’s get right to it. If you are unaware of Bitcoin, AceHost can educate you on what it is. What’s Bitcoin? Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency, without a central…


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