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Nowadays, more companies have found themselves moving network and server operations offsite. This frees up space as well as relieves budgeting tensions. This is called colocation. Choosing to colocate offers the benefits of having control over your own servers, storage, and network. This means you can manage costs and tune performance. 

Companies that choose to do this usually have the staffing, skills, and IT strategy to design and maintain their own environment. IT departments that select colocation can deliver reliability and performance that reaches their financial goals while also avoiding significant costs. 

When it comes to moving your operations externally, there are numerous reasons to choose colocation:

  1. Reliability – Colocation facilities can offer you an abundance of cooling, power, and communication systems. This ensures consistent connection and reliability. 
  2. Performance – All electronics and their equipment provides optimal performance in constant cool temperatures and a dust-free environment. Even if you keep your office as clean as possible, it could never compare to the cooling and filtration systems that a professional data center could provide. 
  3. Security – Colocation facilities protect your systems from burglars, fires, and other compromising factors that may interfere with the security of your information. 
  4. Reduce Maintenance – In numerous cases, companies will only consider investing in server support equipment after they have experienced a failure. Colocation centers design, monitor, and maintain support systems. In addition, they have staff dedicated to ensure that the systems are functioning properly and are consistently reliable. 
  5. Speed – Colocation centers give you fast connections to multiple internet service providers at a very affordable rate. 
  6. Experience – Colocation centers have staff of the highest quality in technology working to bring consistency to the services provided to you. 
  7. Scalability – Colocation gives your company flexibility. This allows you to scale up or scale down depending upon the space and power you need and only when it’s needed. 

Risk Management – The reality of life is that emergencies can happen at any time and out of our control. When your mission-critical equipment operates at off-site data centers, you will have security in place. This allows you to continue your operations while remaining unaffected.