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Hosting your crypto mining gear with a Tampa data center specializing in crypto miner hosting makes sense. The data center manages all of the logistics involved in mining and it still receives passive income from crypto mining.

Also, crypto miner hosting is a data center service that makes mining more acceptable for regular people. Few of us can have the necessary technological setup to make sure a home mining operation is a success. It does not make sense to crypto mine and have most of the mining proceeds applied to electrical bills.

This is the representation of killing two birds with a single stone.

Hosted crypto mining is not the same thing as cloud-based crypto mining. In cloud cryptocurrency mining, a miner purchases hash rate from a crypto mining pool and then receives a portion of the profits from mining.

For crypto mining that is hosted, you need to purchase your crypto mining equipment from a mining equipment seller or reseller and then have the data center crypto hosting service provide you with the perfect conditions. Tampa-based Ace Host just so happens to do both of these things.

Helpful crypto mining definition: Hash rate is the computational power required by a proof-of-work crypto network to process all transactions.