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Shared hosting has grown to become a popular option for those who are building their first website. However, this brings up the question of shared hosting, how it may benefit you, and if it’s the best option for you.

Shared hosting is a system that allows many websites to use a single server. You typically won’t know who or what websites you share resources with. Each person will also limit the number of resources they can use from the server. Your hosting package will define this.

There are many benefits to shared hosting. For starters, it is by far the cheapest hosting option out there. Typically, shared hosting will cost between $2.99 and $9.99. Most companies will also offer multiple levels of hosting so you can upgrade your package at any time. There is also no technical maintenance required when you use shared hosting because it comes as part of your hosting package. Shared hosting is the best choice for website owners who are just starting or working with a smaller budget.

With the low price, however, comes its own drawbacks. It can load a lot slower than having a dedicated server. As your site gains more traffic, you may also begin to see it run slower and have more performance issues. You will also never really know who you are sharing the server with. It’s rare, but there are occasions where the neighboring sites may pose a threat to yours.

Despite these disadvantages, shared hosting is still the best option for new businesses with low budgets. Of course, there is always an option to upgrade your hosting package, but shared hosting allows you to launch your website without dipping deep into the budget to afford it.

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