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An encouraging sign for cryptocurrency networks amid the crypto price decline is that cryptocurrency mining difficulty has primarily remained as difficult as ever, a sign that cryptocurrency miners around the world are still undiscouraged by the variations of the current price for crypto. In mining, “difficulty” is a method to measure the difficulty found in mining a block of cryptocurrency. Difficulty mining hit an unprecedented high on May 10th, the sixth all-time high measured in 2022. On June 8th, mining difficulty hit its second-highest level.

This should not be a surprise. Mining is a long-range play, and realistically the best practice is to amass crypto at the current price in anticipation of what will happen in the future. Depending on the scope and particulars of the mining operation, cryptocurrency mining tends to rely on good planning and adequate allocation of resources. This means the plans of miners and the short-term goals of crypto investors do not always match. Therefore, increasing difficulty mining means tougher competition and smaller margins; it also allows you to see that most cryptocurrency miners remain willing to purchase cryptocurrency over the long haul.

Mining In The Future

Did the cryptocurrency run of the past 24+ months honestly end? Widespread crypto mining activity and measured mining difficulty levels do not indicate this is the case. However, for miners who still believe in cryptocurrency’s potential, this market offers an opportunity to acquire mining equipment at a discounted cost and expand mining operations before the price increases again.

Ace Host believes in the potential of the cryptocurrency market, and we are dedicated to helping new and experienced miners in ramping up their mining operations.